365 Rituals – Change Your Life One Day at a Time

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No No more resolutions – I’m optimizing my 2013, creating rituals with consistent patterns of behavior – every day. We have many rituals that we practice every day – brushing our teeth, taking baths, kissing our loved ones goodbye as we leave for the day. This year, think about adding new rituals that will change your life, one day at a time, with consistent application.

Along with my daily meditation ritual, I started drawing a mandala on my daily journal page. Diane Landon, a consultant in Houston, taught me that drawing one mandala each day can create positive shifts in your life. I’ve begun the process and am excited to see the shifts occurring!

Based on a Tibetan practice of meditation, mandalas are considered symbols of enlightened states that align with the physical universe, bringing about healing and peace. As you journal and draw, the time alone will bring you into a state of greater peace as you focus on the present and open creative channels.

In this mandala, I’ve used objects around my office to fill my circle. What you don’t see is that these thumbtacks were all arranged beautifully until I bumped the red circle with my camera. It’s a lesson in itself – life is messy. Things sometimes get messed up no matter how careful we are or how precise we aim to be. Sometimes what we thought was messy turns out to be more beautiful and fun than we ever imagined. AND, even if we still think it’s messy, it might be just the inspiration for someone else to let go, risk a little, gain a lot.

Stay tuned as I share with you my mandalas from my daily meditations. My hope is to inspire you to begin your own rituals this year in discovering peace, happiness and well being throughout 2013.