A BIG first step for women in business today

//A BIG first step for women in business today

Today I have witnessed a BIG first step forward for businesses moving women into leadership positions.

For the first time in over 30 plus years in business teaching leadership curriculum, five senior managers on separate occassions throughout one week-long leadership session within a male-dominated industry and corporation asked, “Where are the women?” (There were none in the session – not unlike the other sessions previously held at that company and elsewhere.) The last senior executive to speak went further. As the general counsel for the corporation, he said it was time for the organization and its leaders to change. Time for the organization to bring women into leadership positions and change the face of the organization.

I felt as if the earth had moved, that I was witnessing a significant change within the business world and within society itself. For the first time in any leadership session, I had not only five senior executives raise the question to promote awareness of the lack of gender diversity – I had a general counsel say, “Enough,” and continue to charge the hiring supervisors with the responsibility and duty to actively seek out, recruit and hire women.

I was at once relieved and so deeply pleased that I had lived long enough to witness something that I had long ago been trying to bring great awareness to and improve the odds for women in business. THIS was the idea behind the Women’s Leadership Advisory Board and the reason behind its implementation and great success.

In my book, TODAY is a BIG day for women! I have marked my calendar accordingly. Celebrate with me. Maybe your company will be next!