A New Twist on Spring Cleaning

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Spring is in the air! It’s the time that we start taking a look around our yards, inside our closets & drawers, our office file cabinets and notice how much junk we’ve accumulated and how it’s piled up. We begin tossing out, clearing out and making room for more.

This is the physical part of spring cleaning. Now for the twist…time for mental spring cleaning. Clean those internal controls. Sweep away the mess, the gunk, throw out the old – make room for new. Feng Shui your mind. How much junk are you holding onto from your past? Let go. What you were or did yesterday is not who you are today or will be tomorrow. Go through your mental attic storage to clear the cobwebs, remove old debris, throw out the trash, open a new window to let in some fresh air, and send the items away with a blessing. Don’t hold on to the things that worry you, disturb you, or weigh you down. If these things are not useful in your life now and you are not able to put them to good use, then it’s time to kiss them goodbye.

Take a good look at yourself. Consider other perspectives to gain a wider vision. When you step off the curb of your home and consider the perspective of a potential buyer, what jumps out at you that catches your attention in a good way? What needs improvement? Consider this perspective for your own self-improvement. What can you change yourself? What other resources will you need to bring in? Go for the low hanging fruit to gain small successes and encourage your progress through the spring cleaning effort.

So get out that broom and begin a clean sweep of your inner landscape. It’s time to let go and make room for new experiences that will fill our hearts and minds with joy.