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Established in 1998, Jill Hickman Companies provides training, coaching and consulting solutions for clients that span the globe and include industry giants for whom leadership training is provided at corporate headquarters and field locations throughout the USA and across the world. Augmenting our training and development services, Jill Hickman Companies provides coaching and consulting services to executive leaders, creating corporate universities and facilitating strategic planning retreats for teams and boards. As an independent consulting firm, we fervently research the best practices and resources in talent development to better serve our clients. In addition to our own proprietary programs, we expand our service offerings to include other top brand name products through rigorous certification and authorized distributor processes, continuously providing the best of the best for our clients. View our certifications.

Our Approach

Our solutions grow leaders at all levels, encompassing all career paths within organizations, from front-line employees to executives. Our corporate clients receive custom-designed leadership training focused on the specific needs of the industry, organization, and employees. Our development process includes assessments, online and in-person training, group coaching, and strategic planning. Each step in our process exists within a custom-designed curriculum, built to drive accountability for sustainable on-the-job behavioral change.

Our certified and experienced facilitators deliver a consistent message to support your organization’s strategic initiatives and core values, weaving the seven Cornerstone Leadership Principles as critical leadership priorities throughout every curriculum element.

Our Mission

It is our mission to transform people and business to fulfill greatest potential and achieve success with integrity.

Our Values

Based on a firm foundation of Christian faith, we honor these practices in our daily interactions with others:

  • Service: we honor and respect the trust of our customers, ensuring satisfaction with the delivery and final results of services provided.
  • Collaboration: we strategically partner with others, sharing knowledge, access, and utilization of best practices, tools, methods, and applications.
  • Leadership: we consistently demonstrate courage and conviction in periods of calm and crisis, inspiring others to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Education & Innovation: we eagerly and continuously learn and grow, welcoming, considering, and implementing new ideas, products, and applications.