Are the Right Team Members in Place?

//Are the Right Team Members in Place?
     It’s true. I’ve been at garden shows and found a blooming plant that I fall in love with and have to have in my yard. I buy it with little to no research about what it prefers: what zone? shade or sun? water or drought tolerant? With high hopes and little else, I get it home and plant it. To my later disappointment and emptied pocketbook, it begins a pitiful existence. I move it from the yard to its own pot, and it’s even more pitiful.
     I’ve seen this same scenario play out in organizations with hiring decisions. Manager is blown away by the candidate’s interview performance and disregards all other indications that the person is not a fit for the job or the organization. Rather than rely upon first impressions and a gut feeling, (more) research is necessary to ensure that the candidate most closely matches the job and organization.
     An effective hiring process begins with an assessment of the job and environment. Identifying the responsibilities of the job and the conditions under which the job will be performed creates a performance model.  Assessing candidates to this performance model provides an objective measure to determine each candidate’s overall fit to the job. Combined with behavioral style interviewing questions and skill demonstrations, assessments like PXT Select ensure that the hiring process yields the candidate most likely to succeed in that position and in your work environment. It’s easier on the pocketbook, too. The time, energy, and effort that you spend on the  back end trying to make a bad hire fit isn’t worth it in the long run. Invest resources on the front end to build a team that works well together in producing the high quality services and products that your customers deserve.

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