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The Jill Hickman Companies Authorized Partner Network is a faith-based community of independent trainers, coaches, and consultants in North America who have successfully completed a rigorous vetting and certification process to become authorized and licensed to use our industry-leading curriculums for client training and development solutions. Representing expertise in multiple industries and demonstrating a passion to help others succeed, Authorized Partners utilize our best-in-practice resources with their clients’ workforces to achieve transformative results with innovative solutions.

Authorized Partners are highly regarded professionals in their fields with demonstrated expertise in a variety of industries, dedicated to personal and business growth and development. Through our focus on professional community collaboration, the Authorized Partner Network provides guidance, support, and friendship in pursuit of personal and professional excellence.


The benefits of belonging to this network center on the common values of:

Business Growth

  • Bring added value to your clients providing innovative solutions to their business issues with customizable curriculums.
  • Grow your business by sharing experiences – best practices and lessons learned.
  • Accelerate your business growth without reinventing the wheel. Leverage tried-and-true services and products to add immediate value for clients.
  • Learn marketing, sales, and customer service strategies, tips, and practices to grow your business.
  • Attend Authorized Partner Network Annual Conference, Monthly Continuing Education Calls, and Special Events hosted by Jill Hickman Companies for unique learning, marketing, and business building opportunities. Discover best practices and resources offered exclusively to Authorized Partners. Obtain updates to curriculum, marketing collaterals, and scheduled events. Listen as peers share client experiences and testimonials. Observe Authorized Partners in action as they demonstrate innovative activities and exercises to update your curriculum facilitation and share strategies to build your business success.

Personal & Professional Development

  • Enhance facilitation and presentation skills.
  • Lead clients by your personal example of expanding personal comfort zones by being open to learning, embracing the opportunity to grow, and adapting to change.
  • Honor your business in living your organizational values with an active pursuit of continued education.
  • Grow through sharing experiences of what you’ve learned and applied within your client own environments.


  • Gain skills, practice new techniques, and obtain constructive, practical feedback on implementation within a safe environment.
  • Eliminate the challenges of a one-person silo with the camaraderie of a community.
  • Brainstorm methods for continuous improvement with trusted peers.

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