Be afraid…Be REAL afraid!

Goblins, devils, ghosts, witches – these are the scary characters that we’ll see roaming streets tomorrow evening. What’s even scarier are the characters that are roaming your office like they just walked off the set of the Living Dead! If your workplace has become stale or stagnant, put some life back into it! Halloween is the perfect time to strengthen connections, improve morale, and just have some good old fun in the workplace. Get creative by asking employees how they’d like to celebrate. Or, you might start with a list of five and let the employees vote. Consider these for your workplace:

  1. Halloween costume contest. Traditional, sure, but loads of fun when people get creative!
  2. Have employees (and/or Executive Team) bring pictures of themselves as children in their Halloween costumes for everyone to guess who they are.
  3. Host a pumpkin decorating contest. (If you live dangerously, pumpkin carving!)
  4. Decorated (haunted?) departments to visit at special times during the day! (I’m seeing a guillotine, ax murderer, and more in the HR department……too much?? Zombies in the accounting office? Keystone cops in security?)
  5. Scary videos produced by departmental teams to play throughout the week at lunch. (Maybe not for those with queasy stomachs…)
  6. Pictures that employees submit with themselves and/or their pets in Halloween costumes.

Yes, that’s Cara dressed as Wednesday Adams and her dog, Gus, dressed as a pirate. I thought he was a Pilgrim.
Here’s what she said about these photos last Halloween: “Same expression, but one of us loves Halloween and the other doesn’t. . .” 🐺💀👻🎃

If it’s a contest, establish the criteria for winning: lowest cost, most creative…you get the idea. Award GREAT prizes for the winner and runner-up. To continue the fun, a prize could include a free car wash by the Executive Team in the company parking lot or to share the wealth, pizza provided for the employee’s entire team.

When organizations offer opportunities for everyone to join together in the spirit (pun intended) of fun, great things happen! Employees start talking more to each other, relationships flourish, creativity soars, and laughter is heard throughout the workplace. Those are the hallmarks of employee engagement! What in the world are you waiting for? Okay, it might be too late as you’re reading this to do something fun for Halloween this year, but start thinking ahead to all the other holidays coming!