Comfort Food

What is it about comfort food? At life’s greatest moments of triumph or complete wash outs, we look around for it. One of my dearest friends, a CPA, keeps lots of chocolate around during tax season deadlines. Not for her – for her clients. In the simplest of circumstances, food is provided. Peanuts at the ballgame. Popcorn at the movies. The bigger the event, the bigger the spread. Up the formality, up the food ante. Caviar. Canapes. Even the names get bigger.

Food is always at the core of our life events. The more emotional the situation, the more food is brought in. At wakes and reunions there is usually more food in the room than the people hovering around. And at celebrations – guests are always gathering in the kitchen. More food is being prepared – regardless of how much is still left uneaten on the tables and counters.

Southern tradition requires you to bring food with you upon invitation to anyone’s home. And although it may have taken hours to prepare, you always greet the host and hostess remark of “Oh, you shouldn’t have” with “Oh, it was nothing” even when it didn’t. If it came out of my kitchen, it probably will taste like it only took seconds. I’m not the greatest cook, but I can attest to the fact that no matter how bad the food tastes, being in the company of good friends makes any food taste better. Just think about hospital food and the food served on airplanes (when they served everybody and not just First Class passengers). No matter how bad that crap tasted, if you’re surrounded by those you love, the food is at least tolerable.

So next time you’re at any event – large or small, formal or intimate, take a look around. I bet there’s more food than you can shake a stick out. And depending upon the company you’re with, it might just taste better there than anything, anywhere else in the world.

Bon apppetit!