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Jill Hickman Companies network of Certified Trainers is a growing community dedicated to helping individuals discover and develop the potential within themselves and their organizations. Using our products and services to achieve greater success in their relationships, careers, and businesses, Certified Trainers offer a unique contribution to their organizations and cultivate opportunities to achieve personal and professional goals.

Benefits for the Corporate Trainer

Expand your organization’s educational offerings and build your business library with workbooks, online assessments, training kits, and online training programs.

Join a network of support to assist you in building your business with the implementation of programs, curriculums, and associated products.

Gain access to:

  • A team of quality professionals to enable simultaneous program implementation across multiple geographical areas.
  • A large selection of tried-and-true training programs, ready for implementation.
  • Sustainability of program and curriculum implementation with online assessments, training, and other resources to reinforce learning, enhance skill development, and promote behavioral change on the job.
  • Customized workbooks, documents, and more with your organization’s logo.

Current Corporate Trainers

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 Allied Fire Protection Systems

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Expand your corporate training offerings with Jill Hickman Companies industry-leading curriculum, and position your company for success. Become certified to save corporate training dollars on external facilitation costs and enhance your own facilitation skills in the process. Apply to become a certified Corporate Trainer today!