DAY 2 – MBTI Certification in Tampa

/, Women’s Leadership/DAY 2 – MBTI Certification in Tampa

So much information. Jeez Louise. Lots of information; lots of details but the knowledge and application possibilities are powerful. The facilitator, Jerry, is a phenomenal instructor and presenter. He takes complex subjects, uses great examples to illustrate the concepts and makes it all seem so easy and simple to understand.

The role play this morning provided practice in having a participant self-assess their type and verifiy results with the MBTI report. Learning focused on being specifically attuned to the words used to describe type, preferences and to prevent bias in type element descriptions.

I discovered today the powerful application possibilities of the MBTI for coaching and for advanced leadership development. Again, although MBTI is a ” type” assessment and DiSC is a “trait” assessmet, I’m still of the opinion that DiSC is easier to remember and thus most likely to implement than MBTI for supervision courses, service, sales and team building programs for self-awareness and discovering/valuing differences. I do think that MBTI is much more robust and comprehensive for use in individual coaching settings and in advanced leadership programs.

Also – Day Two: another test! Whew. Only 2 more days to go and three more tests…..