Fruit Mandala

//Fruit Mandala

As I sat down for my morning meditation (after breakfast), I saw the basket of clementines. I reached in, pulling them out one by one and noticed that a few had begun to mold.  As I tossed those out and began arranging the rest, I realized how I had been ignoring what was in front of me for several days.  I bought the oranges for healthy eating, but not one had been touched except to become part of this mandala.  I contemplated how many times opportunities for something better are right in front of our noses yet we leave the door closed  and miss that window to a new world.  What are YOU procrastinating?  What’s the fear based on – failure or success?  Grab hold of your clementine, make a choice, and move on.  Whatever the fear – embrace it and move through it.  Don’t let it hold you in place to stare at the rotten fruit it will certainly yield.