How Much Do We Love Halloween???

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According to National Retail Federation just released these numbers: In 2011, consumers spent $6.86 billion on Halloween – $5.2 billion on costumes, $2 billion on candy, and $1.88 billion on decorations. Full Story

Offices Get In the Spirit, Too: Many workplaces celebrate Halloween to engage employees & boost morale. Some companies have departmental contests for best costumes, skits, and scary office environments (decorated kind of scary, that is!). Check out these resources for what your office can do next Halloween:
(Check out what one CEO wore…)

And because there are always pros and cons….consider all perspectives before you decide to get your office into the Halloween spirit:


Wonder where the tradition of celebrating Halloween began? Want to know how Halloween is celebrated around the world? Test your knowledge here:

Halloween first began in _____.
A) Mexico B) Canada C) Czech Republic D) Ireland
_______ is a traditional Halloween food eaten in this country identified above. Prizes are found inside which can tell the person’s fortune for the coming year: A ring signifies the person will be wed. A piece of straw indicates prosperity.
What country didn’t celebrate Halloween until 1996 and still considers it as an “American” holiday? A) France B) Germany C) Sweden D) Belgium

Find your answers and more here:

Have Fun! Be Safe!