Lessons in Leadership

Pick up the newspaper, turn on the TV or radio, go to a meeting and what do you hear? Doom and gloom, sad news on the economy: big name stock prices dropping to record lows – some cheaper than a box of Bic pens or paper clips; job losses mounting every day; corporations cutting out retirement benefits or 401K contributions in order to save the business; the list goes on and on. With all the bad news, morale among the employee survivors within corporations is dropping even faster than their stock prices. NOW more than ever is the time for leadership. Anyone can be a leader when the times are easy, but true leadership arises out of crisis. Think of Ghandi, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela. Be the light in the dark, the lighthouse on the beach, the refuge in the storm, the resource that your employees need NOW. It’s time for us to hear some good news: what are you doing within your own companies to be the resource that your employees need NOW?