Living & Working Conditions Around the World

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How often do we take our rights and freedoms for granted? When I read about horrific working and living conditions elsewhere in the world, I am literally jolted back into thankfulness and gratitude for living in this country. In the USA, such abuse is not tolerated, is illegal and perpetrators will be punished.

Read about the garment industry workers in India and the punishments received or threatened for failure to meet production quotas: men’s hands are burned, and women are beaten and threatened with sexual assault.

Learn about the indignity of intolerable sanitation conditions for women who must pay for the use of a public toilet (if they can find or afford one). Their other options: stop drinking water and suffer dehydration or relieve themselves in the fields, gathered in groups with other females in the early morning hours to avoid sexual assault.

Absolutely, there is injustice throughout the world. This is only a limited view into a world where most of us are fortunate to only read about it. I hope reading these two articles will do one of these things for you: 1) Appreciate the great things that the USA affords you the right to do. 2) Remember to express your gratitude for the rights that others have fought for you to enjoy. 3) Don’t take any freedoms for granted. 4) Read, learn, and publicly denounce the intolerable living and working conditions that exist throughout the world. 5) Refuse to support the companies that create these products and services under such horrific conditions. Hanes? Perry Ellis? Read on….