New Faces, New Surroundings, New Life

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This past weekend, I spent the afternoon spiffing up our porch. Inspired by the cool fall air, I plunged into the decoration bins that I had stored away for a year and began in earnest. Except, this year, I realized, most of the decorations from years past looked pretty dismal – tired, old, and worn out. I replaced them with fresh new accessories, giving that front porch a much needed face lift. I turned back to the old stuff to consider where they would be most suited now. Some, I sadly gave away as there was no place for them now. Others, I repurposed and found new life for old standbys that could make the transition. Surprisingly, for a select few, they seemed to perk up and take on a vintage glow when surrounded by the fresh additions on the scene.

Isn’t this what happens within an organization? Over time, employees transition to new performance levels, be they higher or lower than in the past. For some, we are delighted with their transitions to higher levels of performance and responsibility. For others, we sadly see the results of the choices they have made that have contributed to their failure to transcend to higher levels of performance, but rather slip into oblivion and obsolescence. With concerted efforts, we may be able to successfully repurpose others into new roles and responsibilities, less challenging than before but still viable and valuable. But for the select few that we are able to showcase and tap into the wisdom of their experience and tenure with our organizational history, employees and customers – how fortunate and delighted are we!

Application for your business success: What steps can you make now to highlight the transitions needed for yourself and your employees? How can you prepare everyone for the new roles and responsibilities ahead? What decisions must be made now?