No One Can See Into Your Heart

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I love today’s quote from Notes from the Universe: “No one can see into your heart which is why we have to show them how we feel.”

In leadership classes that I facilitate, business managers often wonder why they have to show that they care about others when they are there to do a job and get results. What they fail to understand (at first) is that our job as managers is to get results through others. Others won’t work for us, with us, or by us, if we don’t show them that we care about them first. Remember the old adage, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

Leadership is about outcomes (business results) and relationships (people). If we only address and concern ourselves with getting the job done, we risk ruining the relationships with others. Conversely, if we only address and concern ourselves with relationships, we risk eroding the productivity and quality to support what we’re in business for in the first place.

When I’m brought into an organization for leadership training, it’s not to provide technical business skills training. That’s what got the leaders hired in the first place. What I’m brought in for is to provide leadership training to enhance relationship skills. The lack of relationships skills (ability to get along with others) is what will get you fired and what prevents an organization from growing into what Jim Collins calls, “GREAT.”

If people are a company’s greatest asset, are your relationships with others demonstrating that? We treat our equipment with tender, loving care to ensure that our investment is protected and lasts. We should do the same with our people. Let’s treat them with TLC to ensure that they remain engaged, productive, and stay with us!