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This begins a new blog series to capture my experiences leading up to and including the week of certification for the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator Instrument).

My decision to gain certification in MBTI was two fold. One reason stemmed from a new client who will be implementing MBTI within its leadership curriculum. As part of their training team, I want to ensure that each of the leadership programs that I offer will support and reinforce the learning from the other programs, including the MBTI training.

A second reason is that the MBTI is a powerful coaching tool for use with my individual clients and client groups such as The Women’s Leadership Advisory Board. MBTI is one of the world’s most widely used personality instruments for coaching and leadership development and offers significant application and insights for individuals, teams, and organizations in the areas of conflict management, team building, career preferences, personal growth, leadership development and more.

Signing up for the certification was easy. There are three different certifying organizations, including CAPT (Center for Applications of Psychological Type), the one that I chose, simply because the schedule of training was convenient for me. Pricing was about the same regardless of the provider: from $1200-$1400 with AMA (American Management Association) priced the highest.

Homework was delivered about 2 weeks prior to the start of the certification date with the instructions to begin immediately. Delay is not in your best interest – the homework contained about 5 manuals and 10 hours of reading and pre-tests. They weren’t kidding. Couple the quantity with the quality of retention expected by CAPT, and you start bearing down on the books right away. You soon discover that each day in the four days of certification training will require additional reading and a test everyday to ensure your comprehension of the material.

A note of comfort: although MBTI is a personality type indicator assessment and not an assessment based on how much or how little you possess of certain behavioral traits (as does the DiSC assessment), if you have had familiarity with behavioral or observable trait assessments like DiSC, then you will be able to process the information regarding MBTI quickly. The message for both instruments is to be aware that differences exist, value those differences and enhance our relationships, working environments, teams, organizations, and lives as a result. Always easier said than done which is why scores of individuals have been through MBTI certification since the 1940’s to bring greater awareness to our organizations and clients.

A note of caution: If you’re not familiar with any personality type indicator assessments like MBTI or behavioral trait assessments such as DiSC, you will need to spend much more upfront study time to assimilate the information within the homework for MBTI certification. If you don’t pass the individual tests each day, you don’t pass certification and you don’t get your money back. WIth the price tag of $1200-$1400 for the certification, air fare, hotel and meal charges for the week, that’s a hefty price to pay for lack of preparation.

STAY TUNED for DAY ONE of Certification Training which begins on Tuesday. Tomorrow (Monday), I’m treating myself to a bit of R&R on the sunny beach to soak up a few glorious moments of Florida sunshine before confining myself to a week indoors.