Roller Coaster

The ups and downs of life. Do you expect them? Or do you react to them in surprise? Life is a roller coaster with highs and lows, twists and turns, and big dips and steep elevations. It’s a thrill ride and a ride from hell all at the same time. When we realize that our lives are meant to be an adventure – full of exhilarating thrills and incredible disappointments, we wake up to a whole new world. We can enjoy and treasure the good along with the bad. Without the bad, we can never realize how “good” the good times are. And without the bad, we never have an opportunity to see how far we can stretch, what challenges we can overcome. Yes, the bad times are good for us, too. The trick is to look for the silver lining and figure out the lesson we can learn during these hard times. With each lesson learned, we gain tools and skills for the curves ahead. The road doesn’t get easier, but we’ve got a better set of tires on the car we’re traveling in.