Selecting with the Future in Mind

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Working in my flowerbeds this weekend reminds me of how important it is to select the right flowers for the right spot in the yard. Just as important as selecting the right candidates for the right position in your company.

In selecting my flowers – I consider not just what the flower looks like when I first buy it, but how will it impact the bed and yard in years to come? Will it become invasive and out of control, requiring difficult removal at some point? Will it be a beautiful addition, adding value to the bed and yard as it grows each year?

Consider your applicants not just for the position that you are hiring them for now, but consider their potential in the years to come. Will they add value with each passing year? Take care with your selection. The time you spend on the front end with prudent selection processes will save you valuable resources off the back end with damage control and painful removal.

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