Shiny Stars

//Shiny Stars

Bright stars, flashing in the night sky, grab your attention long enough for you to glance your eyes upward and stop whatever you’re doing, if even for just a moment. Everday, common objects catch your eyes and make you pause momentarily, too. But what’s the significance of that pause? What was it that made you stop to notice? Many times during the day, if you stop to pay attention and focus on the message that these shiny objects are trying to send to you, you’ll realize that these are opportunities for brilliant flashes of insight – unmistakeable signs of grace as Cheryl Richardson calls them. Stop, pay attention, focus. Listen to your head and heart. What joy when you grasp the message that these “shiny stars” are giving you.

Today, how many shiny stars will cross your galaxy? How many will you ignore and how many will you explore? Look for the shiny stars today. They have a message waiting just for you.