Snow Skiing – Lessons in Leadership #3

//Snow Skiing – Lessons in Leadership #3

Of all the things that Rich said to me that morning, I remember best his repeated statement, “Okay, let’s go have some fun.” He’d say this before we got on the chair lift and before we hit the slopes to practice and perfect the lessons learned just minutes before. “Have fun.” Of course! What else in the world are we supposed to be having, yet how often we get caught up in the day-to-day (or the lesson) that we forget what we’re doing (at work) in the first place?

Have fun. Enjoy what you’re doing. Love what you do. Otherwise, forget it. Get out. Quit. Life’s too short. Find something else that you do love and that you’ll look forward to every morning…just like Rich. He’s been teaching ski lessons for over 45 years and loves it. The look on his face told the truth. He loves it.