Snow Skiing – Lessons in Leadership #4

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Getting off the chair lift was beginning to get rougher and rougher each day. By Day 3, Keith, my brother-in-law astutely observed it was because I was letting the chair intimidate me. He was right. I was locking up, getting tense and becoming too stiff when I got to the point on the lift when the signs said, “Get ready to unload. Tips up. “
So, with this observation and feedback, I took the next lift, determined to relax and let go of the fear. I concentrated on capturing my confidence and enjoying my surroundings at the same time. Seeing the beauty around me gave me a focus that overpowered any fear and intimidation that the chair had previously held for me.
How many times do we forget the ‘big picture’ of what we’re working for? As leaders, our job is to point out the vision of where we’re heading. We have the responsibility to encourage our employees to see beyond the daily routine of their individual jobs. As Tammy, my sister-in-law said, “Look around. This is why we ski.” Help your employees see the vision and learn how they can contribute to getting there.