Sunday drivers

Remember Sunday drives with your parents? I don’t. But I do remember Sunday drives with my grandparents. Some really long car, Grandpa driving too slow and usually creeping over the middle line of the road because he’d be busy talking to everyone in the car. Grandma looking scared to death and me just wondering if we’d survive the ride. And usually it was only just down the country road a few minutes. Seemed like an eternity.

What I remember most about those rides – pure love that filled the car. Grandma looking at Grandpa with such a sweet love lasting over 60 years and Grandpa just as smitten with her. Me looking at both of them with such love and wondering if I’d ever find someone that I would love just as much and would love me back like that too. Great role models. Good people. Beautiful memories. And yes – I’m one of the lucky ones. I married my high school sweetheart. Love at first sight. Head over heels in love with him today after 31 years of marriage. And yes, I get those same grins from him that I saw Grandpa give Grandma.