Talented Ladybugs

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One of my flowerbeds was recently under siege by a host of aphids, swarming little critters that can destroy a single plant in a matter of a few days. My first attempt at controlling the attack was to spray the bed with a bug killer. It was highly toxic and had a horrible, lingering smell that permeated into the house. Not a good choice. My second plan of attack was to go to the local nursery and purchase an environmentally-sound can of poison. Really? I can’t believe I bought that – physically or literally. Again, poor choice. It killed the aphids and kept them off for 7 days as guaranteed. Problem: it darn near killed every plant in the flowerbed and in 8 days, the aphids returned. My last and final choice was to seek out healthy choices – natural enemies of aphids: ladybugs. Not to be found in my local nurseries this year, I ordered 9K (yes, you read that right – 9000) ladybugs online. They arrived as promised and delivered the results: LADYBUGS won the war by eating all the aphids. Most of the the ladybugs have flown away home, but some hung around to ensure that all aphids were long gone and stayed gone. Too bad that I didn’t think of the ladybugs earlier. Too bad that I thought I could handle the problem myself without relying on the talents of those more equipped, knowledgeable, and gifted to do this job.

My garden gem to share with you: Where do you need to relinquish control and trust the talents of others? When can you realize that you don’t have to have all the answers or solutions to the problems and challenges in your path? As leaders, our responsibility is to provide resources and access to those resources, value the talents of others and give them wings to use those talents. What a joy it is to discover latent talents, actual talents and watch others come alive in their work.