The Honor Of Being Asked For Your Opinion

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Have you ever considered what an honor it is when someone asks you for your opinion? Think about how courageous it is for someone to admit to themselves that they don’t have all the answers and need help (or at least a different perspective). The act of asking for help is courageous in that you are vulnerable. When you ask, you risk rejection. Worse, you risk ridicule. When someone asks you, they must trust you more than you can even imagine. They are willing to risk rejection and ridicule, but because they trust you, they perceive their risk is lower and their vulnerability is less compromised.

Do you realize what an honor this is? They TRUST you. They VALUE your opinion. How we respond to such requests shows our true character. Do we take the time to truly consider their requests and provide our full attention to their problem? Or, do we squeeze in a moment to take a quick look and offer a general comment that anyone – even total strangers – could have provided? The time and attention with which we focus on their request speaks volume about the value we have in the other person. If we value that relationship and want to nurture and grow it, then we schedule the time to review their request with our full attention. When we don’t, we damage that bond of trust and the relationship.
Blessed are those who recognize the need for support, have the courage to ask for it, demonstrate the willingness to consider it, and garner the strength to act upon it. Blessed are those who respond with care and consideration in our time of need, recognize our risk of exposure and vulnerability, and speak truth with integrity, compassion, and humility.