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Using our expertise in developing talent within organizations and across multiple industries around the globe, our programs address these common challenges: working within teams and cross-functionally with peers, creating positive and productive work environments, influencing employee engagement, ensuring customer satisfaction, and creating innovative solutions to complex problems. Enhanced with experiential learning opportunities, each workshop builds upon the learning and knowledge gained from prior programs. This skills-building curriculum of programs moves learning from a one and done “check-the-box” training event to a sustainable change in individual behavior and organizational culture. Creating opportunities for accountability and sustainability of change ensures substantial returns on investments – both personal and professional.

Throughout each program in every curriculum, we thread seven Signature Leadership Principles which underscore critical behaviors for leaders to learn and apply in all interactions with others. These Cornerstone Leadership Principles, in alignment with each company’s core values, serve to connect each program with a repetitive message that reinforces the importance of each principle and its application to leadership success in everyday situations and interactions.

In today’s business climate, organizations need to do more than just satisfy customers, they need to exceed expectations, deliver uncommon value with their products and services, and become true partners in their clients’ success. This means preparing employees at all levels throughout your organization with the language of Signature Service, training them in Signature Service behaviors, and providing them with ideas, resources, and opportunities to creatively apply these newly learned skills within their daily work activities.

For scheduling convenience, each of these modules within the Jill Hickman Companies Signature Service Curriculum can be delivered at separate times or combined into a sequential, multi-day format. Modules are available for customization to provide unique learning experiences for participants.

Without direction, leaders and their organizations fail to achieve their full potential. Let us help your leaders find their way to creating a more positive and productive environment to recruit, engage, and retain talented employees, critical to your organization’s success.

Our Signature Leadership® curriculum provides you the opportunity to select the courses you need according to expected leadership demands and responsibility.

For scheduling convenience, each of these modules can be delivered at separate times or combined into a sequential, multi-day format. Modules are available for customization to provide unique learning experiences for participants.

Jill Hickman Companies offers a virtual training system, providing 12-month, online access to individual learners. Highlights from the online leadership development curriculum include:

  • Participants develop leadership effectiveness in 12 leadership competencies as determined by an initial assessment of 22 leadership competencies (listed below).
  • Curriculum can be customized to needs of organization as well as individual leaders. For example, rather than have each individual learner’s online curriculum path determined by the initial assessment, an organization may want a leadership cohort to focus on the same 12 competencies as they progress through their leadership development program. Or, an organization may want to split the curriculum into six competencies that are unique to each individual and six competencies that are required for all learners.
  • Learners complete a daily, automated, two-minute lesson on one leadership competency.
  • Each lesson is followed by guided practices which offer recommended actions to apply the daily lesson within the work environment. This is a key feature of the system which provides retention of the information gained from the daily lesson and drives sustainability actions with daily guided practices.
  • Mid-term and mastery assessments upon completion of each competency module ensure retention and application of content.
  • Each module takes approximately one month to complete.
  • Recommended for management level and above in group or individual training.
  • Curriculum based on these Lominger leadership competencies: Balanced Leadership, Managing Work and Time, Adaptability, Effective Communication, Engaged Listening, Constructive Conflict Resolution, Motivating and Directing Others, Inspiring Peak Performance, Decision Making and Judgment, Rapport and Diplomacy, Adaptability, Assessing & Growing Talent, Build Credibility, Business Knowledge, Career & Development, Engage in the Business, Financial Acumen, Focus on Results, Negotiating, Strategic Thinking.

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For employees whose professional designations require annual completion of continuing education programs, Jill Hickman Companies affords these employees with the opportunity to save personal time and their organizations with the opportunity to save dollars. With program approval by the following certifying agency, employees are eligible to earn professional recertification credits at the same time they attend programs facilitated by Jill Hickman Companies.

SHRM Credits For HR Professionals:

SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential holders continue to build their skills and capabilities by earning professional development credits (PDCs) for qualified activities that relate to the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge™ (SHRM BoCK™). They must earn 60 PDCs within a 3-year recertification period that ends on the last day of the credential holder’s birth month, or retake the certification exam, in order to maintain their credentialed status. As a recertification provider, Jill Hickman Companies provides you with the opportunity to stay current in your HR practice and earn SHRM recertification credits while attending SHRM approved Jill Hickman Companies programs.