Travailler Au Jardin #2: Pruning Day

//Travailler Au Jardin #2: Pruning Day

How quickly a garden will grow. What started out as a beautiful bed of azaleas, producing prolific blooms has now grown up the side of house, reaching for the window sills. Although they are no longer blooming in their full glory (as in this picture), they still look great, because the bushes are big and beautiful. Some inexperienced gardeners may be thinking to themselves, “What’s the harm…why prune now? Surely the blooms will be even better next season.” Think again. Your first clue was in asking why prune now. That one question meant that an internal radar system was alerting you to future trouble. Problem is: you’re ignoring the warning; blowing it off, thinking everything will work itself out. No need for the gardener to step in just yet, right? Wrong.

Delay at your own folly. Failing to prune in a timely manner spells big trouble down the road. You have poor choices at this point when you realize that you’ve waited too late. You prune now – you kill the blooms for next season by cutting off all the buds. You wait any longer and the growth in your flowerbeds will be so thick, tall, and heavy, that you won’t be able to see your home’s windows in less than a week.

Yes, pruning is a chore. No one much likes chores – especially those that seem to require an extra amount of energy. But when you prune on a timely basis, you remove the excess, curb reckless growth, and show diligence, care and consideration for the present and the future. Runaway plants are given new life and a second opportunity for next season to showcase their beauty. Neighboring plants, once threatened by the unruly invasion, are now thankful for the space and energy that returns to the shared bed and allows for peaceful co-existence and creative collaboration.

How is this flowerbed of azaleas like your own organizational garden? What needs pruning now? What are the consequences to your company’s vision which may become obscured by reckless growth? How will employees manage their own areas in response to a corporate culture that’s run amuk? Will leadership be respected or endured? Will employees be patient while they wait for the hoped-for pruning day or grow weary of the weeds and brush that they must push aside or remove themselves each day?

The time is now to view your own garden – corporate or self-employed – with a fresh pair of eyes and a sharp set of clippers at the ready. Off to the garden now, gloves, hat & bug spray!