Travailler Au Jardin: Timing IS Everything

//Travailler Au Jardin: Timing IS Everything

This morning I decided to forgo my usual workout routine and opted instead for flowerbed duty. These summer days in Texas have been too hot to get out and do much of anything but swim, and my flowerbeds are beginning to get angry from my neglect. So right at daylight, I ventured into the first flowerbed that was begging for sprucing up – weeds that needed to be yanked up and branches that needed to be removed from the trees that had thrown them down overnight and placed them randomly thoughout the beds.

It was a good idea: the humidity was still thick as molasses but the cooler temperatures made the work bearable. I noticed, too, how easily the weeds yielded to my tugs. The ground was still moist from the morning dew and the sprinklers from the evening before. An hour later, I had triumphed over the weeds and returned the flowers to revel in their glorious beds.

Timing is everything in the garden as in business. Noticing the trends of when your clients purchase your goods and services is as important as what they’re purchasing. Tracking your sales activity to determine these trends will better enable you to determine the right timing for your marketing campaigns and the right levels of inventory when those sales come closing in.

The early bird gets the worm. Get moving and get going. Then, you can relish the rewards of your perfect timing.