Women in Leadership

//Women in Leadership
Women in leadership positions – where are they?  For those who do arrive at the top, why don’t they stay, after all the time and effort it took to get there?  Here’s a clue – it’s lonely at the top.  Nurturers by nature, women find no support on the way from other females and no comrades-in-arms once they arrive.   Unlike the boys at the top who golf, fish, hunt and hang out together at the stadiums to cheer (or boo) their favorite sports teams, women find few others to bond with, within their own walls.  For some, the loneliness at the top becomes the norm and an unexpected sacrifice for having “made it.” Other women start questioning the purpose and meaning behind their roles at work, challenging the sacrifices made, and begin to shift their attention to areas in their lives that provide fulfillment and joy.  Along the way, they find other females who are traveling this same journey of discovery.   The consequence for organizations:  these women network outside corporate walls to find their support, discover their purpose,  and end up fleeing the organization.  Some organizations are getting this and doing something about it.  They’re providing opportunities for women to network within their own walls and focus on women leadership issues.  Much more work is needed – women need more opportunities to grow within companies, to learn how to encourage and support each other within the corporation as these growth opportunities are claimed, and continue to make time for social interaction with each other.