Yard of The Month

//Yard of The Month

There was a joke in my family that you had to be either 90 years old or a member of the garden club to earn my neighborhood’s Yard of the Month. This month, I came home and found the sign in my yard! I walked in the house, asking my husband if it was a joke. He assured me that the garden club ladies had indeed placed the sign in our yard on purpose. Having neither reached the age of 90 (yet!) nor joined the garden club, I stand corrected. Anything is possible with continued effort, persistence, and joy of the work itself. We are indeed honored to receive this award, but we are more pleased that while our work in the garden has brought such peace to us, it has also brought joy to others. We are gardeners, doing our best to making this world a more beautiful place one flower, one yard at a time.

That is the purpose of my worklife as well – to make a significant contribution to the world by offering others the opportunity to experience joy, success and peace. Through my coaching and training, my clients choose to use the newly learned skills and tools most applicable to their own situations and make substantial improvements in their job performance and relationships with others.

WIth this in mind, I”m dedicating all my future blog postings to reflect “Travailler au Jardin” – to work in the garden. There is such a strong connection between leadership and gardening that I’m excited to share with you. I hope you’ll stick around to learn more!

Your Honored Gardener,